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December 28, 2018

2018 has arrived at its end, and while I am amazed at how quickly this year has passed, I am looking forward to a new me in 2019!  The beginning of this year was stressful, to say the least.  It was so stressful, that I was in the ER twice in January; once with high bl...

October 11, 2018

Several years ago I learned that the final results of a personality assessment labeled me as
shy and an introvert. That did not come as a great surprise, because I was most
comfortable when I was quiet and alone. Unfortunately, as a teenager, my quietness and
time alon...

August 24, 2018

Recently, there has been much discussion via social media concerning a New York First Lady who was served a notice to vacate property that apparently is owned by the church her husband pastored.  No matter how you view the situation, it is unfortunate.  Opinions are go...