Better Me: Change Is Currency
Change requires time, work and patience. Self-improvement is no different. It takes time to
change bad habits and behaviors to better habits and behaviors. The work of self-reflection can
be daunting, but discovery demands that we move through a process if we are to become better.
Positive change leads to healthier relationships and improved leadership.


  • Tools for self-reflection

  • Skills for making change

  • Commitment to improve


Hitch A Ride: Don’t Go It Alone
Unfortunately, there are too many women who struggle with building relationships with other
women. The judgment and criticism continues to grow, making it difficult to connect. The reality
is that we need each other. No man or woman should be alone on his or her life’s journey.
There’s no need to walk alone! Catch a ride until you can drive!


  • Learn to communicate with the intention of developing a relationship

  • Learn to network with others who have either arrived, or are heading in the same direction

  • Discovery of personal traits and how they impact others


Discover The Real Truth About You
From a very early age, we have been receiving messages from others. The messages could have
come in many different ways. Some were verbal, while others were suggested by a look or a
touch. Unfortunately, the messages received were not always messages that affirmed, or
confirmed us. These false messages ultimately help to form our personalities and characters, as
well as what we believe about ourselves. It is hard work, but it is necessary to learn the truth
about you, and to dismiss false messages received.


  • Tools for developing a positive view of self

  • The ability to replace negative messages with positive affirmations

  • New insights about self

  • Bridging the gap between the ideal self and the perceived self

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