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April 26, 2015


Although the command to “Get a grip!” has been used to get ones attention for the purpose of regaining control over a situation, it could also be used to challenge church people to check themselves. I have come to realize that too many Christians hide behind religious language and church work in an attempt to appear whole. Unfortunately, while hiding behind religion, unaddressed issues are hidden from God. Yes, we do serve a God who knows all, but He is not a God that forces His way into our lives. We are to present all of who we are to Him.

When we make the choice not to address the issues of our lives, we do not give God the opportunity to heal them or us. This is the behavior that leads to unhealthy emotions. And no matter how hard one my try to squash those emotions, they usually spill over and cause more problems. Sometimes the spill over is a slow process, and sometimes it is an explosion. Either way, unhealthy emotions almost always result in some negative behavior.

Author, Gordon MacDonald (Emotionally Healthy Spirituality), suggests that only 10 percent of who we are is revealed to the public. The other 90 percent is kept hidden from public view. We spend a great deal of time pampering the public part of who we are (10%), and much less time on the other 90 percent. Rather than address the root of the pain or discomfort, many find it easier to just fake it in hopes of not being exposed. Get a grip!

An authentic relationship with Christ necessitates presenting all of who we are, the good, the bad and the ugly. This requires self-evaluation and serious soul searching. Sound uncomfortable? It is! But it is worth it if an honest and healthy relationship with Christ is the goal. I decided that I would not permit unresolved “stuff” in my life to keep me from the abundant life that Christ made provisions for. Like most who will read this blog, I have had painful experiences in my past. My choice was to face the pain of those experiences by acknowledging whatever happened and releasing any negative emotions connected to it. It was a choice. Carrying the pain got in the way of having peace.

We will all be much better off if the emotionally unhealthy would stop preaching, praying, dancing and giving over their unresolved pain? This activity is only the 10 percent that is shown to the public. Public chaos and shame is the result of leaving 90 percent of who we are unattended. Just look around you, there are plenty of examples. Take responsibility for yourself and deal with your “stuff”. Accept the challenge . . . get a grip!

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