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Time Flies and Time Changes – It Does Not Wait

July 13, 2018


June 25th I celebrated my 61st birthday! To say that I can’t believe it, is a mild statement
compared to what I really think and feel. No, I’m not complaining or upset. I am absolutely
grateful, but I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have been on this earth for
61 years!



I realize that I am now in the place of my grandmother and great aunts. I admired them! I cherished them! They helped to raise my siblings and me, and I miss them tremendously. As a kid, I thought they would always be around, but they’ve moved on and now I am that grandmother, or that great aunt. The question is often asked, “Where did the time go?” But I don’t think anyone has a better answer than, “Time flies!” And my response to that answer is, “YES IT DOES!”




Having just left Seattle, Washington, spending time with one of my daughters and her
family, I was constantly reminded of my role and position in the family. Even though 61
looks a lot different then 61 looked 50 years ago, I am still a grandmother! Of course, my
grandchildren DO NOT call me grandma, but that does not change the reality of time. Their
nickname for me only helps me with my own vanity, and I welcome the help without
apology. But looking at my daughter who has her own family is mind blowing at times!




I still remember the conversations my husband and I had 2 years prior to her birth. We
talked about how we would raise our children and what would be different. And then time
flew by, and I was expecting my first child. Naturally, I gave birth several months later, but
was in disbelief that I was now a mother!

I, along with my siblings, had moved my mother up to grandmother status! Everything seemed marvelous, with the babies coming on the scene! Even expecting a second child four years after my first delivery was amazing, and
we were having a great time watching the children grow up. They were getting older and so were we! Time did not slow down one bit, nor did it allow us to remain in our youthful




So, even though we experienced the first days of school and each graduation with our children (from K to Masters Degrees), we now get to experience the same with our grandchildren! Why, because time flew and we are still here! It seems as if the grands are growing up so fast, but I’m sure my grandparents felt the same way about my siblings, all my cousins, and me. The thing is, that while time was

moving, it was also changing! We moved right into the time of technology, making it possible to remain connected to those we love. My grandparents did not have the privilege of jumping on a plane when they wanted to visit us because we were hundreds of miles away. They could not conceive
having a phone that isn’t attached to a cord in the wall of their home, let alone being able to see the person you are talking to on the other end! Times changed!





While time has flown, and time has changed, I am so glad to be here to witness it all! Yes, a
visit to Seattle with my daughter, her husband and my grandchildren had me thinking
about time. I still wonder where it went, but I’m grateful for the journey and looking
forward to having more of it! I indeed plan to make the very best of it for as long as I can! I
have to make everyday count, because my grandchildren are coming after me. Consider

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