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August 24, 2018


Recently, there has been much discussion via social media concerning a New York First Lady who was served a notice to vacate property that apparently is owned by the church her husband pastored.  No matter how you view the situation, it is unfortunate.  Opinions are going in every direction possible, but there is nothing positive about it and there are no winners, from my perspective.  It seems that everyone is pointing fingers and blaming, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter what anyone’s opinion is.  Either First Lady vacates the property, or she suffers the consequences.  Either way, she is in a dilemma!  I must say, however, my emotions have been running high lately because I understand all to well!


I am a preacher’s kid.  As a teenager, my father pastored a church.  At some point during his pastorate, he started a building plan in a small town in Ohio.  The building was 90% complete when he decided that he did not want to pastor that church any longer.  But that wasn’t the only thing he didn’t want to do any longer!  He wanted out of his marriage to my mother.  Well, here’s what our new reality was . . . Dad had used our house as collateral to build the new church, so when he walked away, the officials wanted “their house”.  So, my mother had to move with her three children into an apartment within 30 days after receiving the notification.  At least we had 20 more days than the New York First Lady!  But, I get it!


The question is, if First Lady’s husband didn’t look out for her, who else was supposed to?  I have seen so many similar situations since my teenage years, and I am thoroughly aggravated each time.  Husbands just don’t seem to love their wives as Christ loved the church!  Christ left a Comforter with The Church, until His return!  But if a husband doesn’t have the capacity for loving his wife enough to ensure that she is taken care of in the event of his death, then WIFE, GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER! 


Too often, wives know little to nothing about the business side of the marriage.  You need to know!  Start by asking these questions:  Where is the money?  Is my name on the bank accounts?  Do we have life insurance? (More specifically, does he have life insurance?)  Where is the policy?  How much is it?  Is there a will?  Who is the executor of the will?  (I hope it’s you!)  Don’t be caught by surprise!  It’s unfortunate, and yet it happens too often.

Don’t allow First Lady’s experience to be just another conversation!  First, let’s sincerely pray for her and all those who are entangled in this situation and all the similar situations.  Secondly, check out your situation and learn as much information as you can.  Finally, if you are not welcomed into the business of the relationship, GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER and create your own business!  YOU, get a policy! Then save, save, save as much as you can!  Eliminate debt!  And if at all possible invest, invest, invest!  Employ the services of a financial counselor and create your financial freedom! 


My intention is not to embarrass anyone, but instead it is to help any one of my sisters who may think her future is secure but isn’t.


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